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Frequently Asked Questions

Cosmetic Tattooing

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics,  Permanent Make Up, or Derma Pigmentation, is the process of implanting pigment beneath the surface of the skin into the dermal layer using small sterile needles, creating a long lasting make up effect and enhancing the clients’ natural features and face shape.

How long does it last?The life of your permanent make up will depend on many factors, including your own body chemistry, skin regeneration, sun exposure, skin maturity, and the techniques used by your make up technician to implant the pigment into your skin, but fading will typically start to occur 1-5 years after your procedure, after which a touch up/refresh will be needed.

Does it hurt? The level of discomfort you may feel during your procedure depends on the location of the micropigmentation site (eyebrows, eyeliner, face, or lips) and your individual pain threshold, which varies from person to person.  However, the topical anesthetics (numbing agents) used prior and during your procedure are extremely effective and will help reduce the pain a great amount.  Overall, most will report some mild discomfort, especially towards the end of the procedure, when the skin tends to be more tender and swollen due to repeated passes over the site

How many appointments will be needed? Usually, most cosmetic tattoo procedures will take two appointments. The initial appointment is to primarily lay a foundation of shape and pigment. After 6-8 weeks, the pigment will fade up to 40% in color, and it is not unusual to lose some pigment completely in spots. The second appointment (the touch up) is done shortly after the 6-8 week healing period, and the purpose of this appointment is to add dimension, solidify color, refine shape, and truly finish the site completely. This second appointment is included in the cost of your procedure (excluding lash enhancements and freckles/beauty marks) and must be completed no later than 6 months after your initial appointment. ***Please note: any additional touch up or color refresh appointments following this will incur a cost.

What is Microblading, and how is it different from other cosmetic tattooing techniques? Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow cosmetic tattoo procedure used today where pigment is ‘scored’ into the dermal layer with a small pen-like hand held tool that has tiny sterile needles on the end of it. It is considered semi-permanent because pigment is implanted with less depth than the machine based method, and as your skin regenerates through it's growth cycles, microbladed brows will typically begin to fade out 1 to 2 years following your procedure, and a refresh appointment will be necessary. Want to know more about microblading and what to expect? Click here.

What is a Lash Enhancement procedure? Lash enhancements fall under the permanent eyeliner family, with the most natural looking results. Pigment is implanted along the top lash line, directly on the lash root, creating a defined eye and darker looking lashes. This is ideal for anyone who desires the definition eyeliner can give, without actually having a 'line' visible. The procedure is quick and the results are amazing, which will typically last anywhere from 1-3 years.  

What can I expect after my procedure is complete? Any micropigmentation procedure on your face will result in some redness and swelling, as well as some tenderness.  It is recommended to relax and keep your activities to a minimum since the site will be vulnerable to injury and infection. The pigment will appear much darker than for the first few days and then will lighten during healing, which can be up to 40% lighter in shade. After 24-48 hours, most of the redness and swelling will minimize, and after 7-10 days, the site should be completely healed and free of scabs, as well as lighter in color. It is also normal for the site to lighten quite a bit and then as the skin regenerates, will then darken again, as the tissue heals from the inside out. After 6-8 weeks, your true pigment shade and placement will be apparent.

Is this procedure safe? Absolutely. Your safety is of utmost importance and is top priority before, during, and following your appointment. All procedures are done using sterilized equipment and supplies, as well as single use, sterile, disposable parts. All surfaces are completely sanitized and devoid of bacteria, as well as wrapped and/or covered with single use barrier film. Measurements are taken and strict guidelines are carefully followed in a safe and sterile environment to prevent any chances of cross contamination and infection.

Are there any exceptions or precautions with regards to cosmetic tattooing? Due to the nature of this procedure using needles and the possible risks associated with it, we are unable to perform this procedure if you have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis or any other communicable disease, as well as if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, undergoing chemotherapy, or have hemophilia. If you are on any type of prescription blood thinners, you will be required to receive written consent from your doctor prior to your appointment date. If you have taken Accutane, you must be free from it in your system for a minimum of one year. If you are unsure, please inquire prior to booking your appointment.

What do I need to do to prepare for my cosmetic tattoo appointment? Here are some general guidelines to follow for your procedure:

  •  Do not drink any alcohol at least 72 hours prior to your appointment, as well as refrain from taking any other blood thinners such as Advil or ibuprofen. If you are excessively bleeding throughout your procedure, this will affect your skins’ ability to absorb the pigment properly, and can result in more fading or even color falling out completely during the healing process.
  • If you regularly pencil in your eyebrows, you can arrive to your appointment with this done so we can take your desired shape as well as color into consideration when drawing in your shape and choosing pigments.
  • Arrive well hydrated and be sure to eat a meal within 60 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • If you are scheduled to have your lips done and you are susceptible to cold sores, it is recommended you take medication (such as L-lysine or Zovirax) at least 3 days prior to your appointment as a preventative measure, since this procedure can trigger an outbreak and  result in slower and possibly problematic healing.
  • Minimize sun exposure or wear high SPF sunscreen to prevent any sun burns before your appointment. Sun burnt skin can NOT have this procedure done to it and you will be required to reschedule your appointment if your site appears to be sunburned or traumatized in any way.
  • If you wax, thread or tint your eyebrows, please have them done a minimum of 3 days prior to your appointment.
  •  Allergies: If you are susceptible to skin allergies or have highly sensitive skin, it is recommended you schedule a scratch test 72 hours to one week prior to your appointment. This will be done at the client’s discretion only and may incur a charge of $20+gst to cover disposable supplies.

Here are some other important points to take into consideration when deciding if a cosmetic tattoo/micropigmentation procedure is for you:

  • Every person holds pigment and heals differently and is entirely dependent on you, the client. So many factors, such as sun exposure (and any lack of sun protection use thereof), skin type, body chemistry, and lifestyle will determine the outcome of your results.
  •  Machine-based eyebrow procedures will last longer than manual-based (read: Microblading) procedures. Hair stroke effects can still be achieved with the machine based method, however you can expect the pigment retention to last much longer than with microblading since the pigment is implanted deeper into the skin and with more concentration.
  • Those with excessively oily skin may not be eligible for cosmetic tattooing, since the over production of skin oils will cause the pigment to heal unevenly and result will appear more soft than desired.
  • The more mature your skin, the longer the pigment will last, since your skin regenerates less as you age.
  • Lighter colors will always fade out faster than darker ones.
  • Take caution if you are iron deficient or anemic. Since our pigments contain iron oxide, your body could draw iron from the implanted color and as a result fading could occur more so than expected.
  • Touch ups and/or color refresh appointments will be required in the years to come after your procedure to keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh and defined, since fading and softening of your site will naturally occur.
  • If you have had previous cosmetic tattooing before, corrective work may need to be performed and/or removal may be required. In this instance, a consultation is necessary and additional costs may apply.

If you have any other questions or concerns not addressed in the above information, please feel free to send an email to celinanataliecosmetics@gmail.com or contact me here.