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Aftercare Instructions

Proper aftercare will ensure the best possible results for your new cosmetic tattoo. The great news is that the aftercare is easy to follow! Following are instructions, what not to do, and also what to expect. Please use this as a guideline only; each individual will respond differently to cosmetic tattoos and other precautions may be necessary. 

  • When your procedure is done, a small amount of antibiotic ointment will be applied to it. Approximately 3 hours after, lightly dampen the sterile gauze given to you, and gently wipe each of your brows to clear any lymphatic fluid that may have surfaced. Repeat another 3 hours after. At bed time, you can gently wash (splash/pat) with lukewarm water (don't rub), pat it dry with a clean towel, and let it air out. Swelling and redness should be minimal.
  • After that, what your new cosmetic tattoo needs to heal best is for it to breathe and naturally dry up on it's own. Please wash it 2 times per day GENTLY with lukewarm water and pat dry. (don't rub) 
  • Your skin will be most vulnerable to infection for the first few days as it initially heals and forms flakes/scabs. To prevent the chance of infection, keep it clean and dry, and keep it AWAY from any sweat, dirt, oil, or any bacteria/germs (read: DON'T TOUCH with dirty hands or let anyone touch it!). Signs of an infection include redness around the affected area, a 'heated'/warm skin feeling, swelling, and direct pain on the area. Although the risk is very minimal if you follow the aftercare instructions properly, contact us immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms for further direction.
  • If the skin becomes too tight or dry, which typically happens 4-6 days after your appointment as it flakes/scabs, you can apply (dab - don't rub) a SMALL AMOUNT of an unscented, mild lotion like Lubriderm or Aveeno. Less is more with this - only a very small amount is needed, enough to ease off any tightness and make it less itchy/more comfortable for you. 
  • NO PICKING OR SCRATCHING!!! This can remove pigment completely from your skin. While it will be itchy, know that it's temporary and usually only lasts a few days. For the best results, it's important to leave it alone and let it heal completely, and as it flakes and/or scabs, let them fall off NATURALLY on their own. 
  • Do not apply ANY creams, petroleum based products (Vaseline), anti-acne products, anti-aging products, makeup, or cosmetics to your cosmetic tattoo for 2 weeks, as this will interfere with the healing process and may affect your finished results.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight for 2 weeks, or keep your skin protected/covered when in the sun. 
  • Avoid getting any shampoo/conditioners, cleansers, or any other products  near your cosmetic tattoo for 1-2 weeks. The pigments deposited in your skin needs time to set in completely as it heals and any products that get in the way can absolutely interfere with this process. 
  • PATIENCE AND DON'T FRET: At first, your new cosmetic tattoo will appear much darker as the pigment oxidizes  and will gradually fade through the healing process. As your brows form scabs or flake (again, DON'T pick or scratch!), they will naturally heal and fall off 7-10 days post-procedure. PLEASE NOTE: After the scabs and flakes fall off, a layer of skin will form over your cosmetic tattoo, and it may look like all the pigment has disappeared. THIS IS NORMAL!!! As your skin regenerates and heals from the inside out during the following 2-6 weeks, pigment will start to reappear in a softer and lighter shade. You may notice that some parts of it may not reappear at all, and again, this is normal, especially after your first appointment, and is dependent on your individual skin, lifestyle, and aftercare. 
  • Avoid the direct stream of water on your face, and stay away from steam, saunas, and pools for 2 weeks. If you have a bath, do NOT immerse your cosmetic tattoo in the water, and try to keep the heat (steam) minimal. 
  • Do not tint, wax, thread, or tweeze for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  •  Avoid any sweating or activities that will make you sweat for the first week, as sweat will interfere with your skin's pigment absorption. 
  • The complete healing process takes a minimum of 6 weeks, so again, patience is key. You will watch your cosmetic tattoo go through many phases and for a period may look like it has disappeared completely as your skin heals, sheds, and regenerates. You must wait 6-8 weeks before the true resulting shade is apparent, at which time you will have them touched up. 

*Results will always vary. If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, no question is too silly!!! Contact me